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Hi! I'm Mischa. I'm an Equestrian, a chicken enthusiast, a rescue animal advocate... a sister, daughter, friend, colleague, coach... I am an aspiring entreprenuer, blogger, and brown thumb gardener. I love all things classic... movies, music, cars, clothes... and hats- especially hats.  I believe in magic, prayer, and logic equally. I believe that we should be empowering and motivating each other to be the best versions of ourselves. I believe we all have a purpose. I finally feel like I found mine in becoming an Empowerment Mentor and Health/Fitness coach. 

When I originally started my journey, it was because I was so unhappy with myself for not taking care of me. I have a sedentary job and even though I have a farm, I was leading a very still life. My family is prone to obesity and other various health issues; and I was going down that road at a very rapid pace. Not cool. I've never been particularly athletic and said that the only thing I've ever done well was ride a horse. 

I woke up July 4, 2015 (yes, you'll remember the day you decide to change your life) in tears becuase I was tremendously unhappy with myself on so many levels. I refuse to walk down paths that have been blazed for me anymore. Genetics or not... I will give myself every opportunity to be able to be the best I can be. I will go down fighting and will "not go quietly into this good night" (ok, so slightly out of context... but I think you get my drift). 

I couldn't ride well because I was so unfit. My mare, that I trained and have had since she was 3, even thought I was a joke. This wasn't the sport I loved... I wasn't the athlete that I knew I used to be... that my horse deserved. So I found a coach. Who understood where I needed to go, and where I was. She helped start me on my journey. I lost 35 lbs in my first year. But what I gained was my confidence, my faith in myself, and my ability to enjoy what I loved.

I also become so empowered to make better decisions. I wish I had been this person earlier in my life. I had no idea how working out every day and eating well could help me deal with stress, sleep better, and improve my overall outlook on life. 

Then the firey redhead came into my life. Talk about hell on 4 legs.  I knew that I was no where close to being fit enough to handle this OTTB (off track Thoroughbred) who needed me to be a much better version of me than where I was. So I doubled down. I wanted to be everything she needed me to be, and it turned out, everything I needed me to be too. I became more focused on living naturally and more in tune with myself. I dove into new forms of fitness and fell in love with yoga.  I even picked up running. I may run slower than a herd of turtles through peanut butter... but hey, I still run. 

 Then I decided to use health & fitness as a platform to become an Empowerment Mentor.  Helping those who need motivation to reach within to have every opportunity possible. The journey inward is scary and hard. It is difficult to face the truths... much easier to face the excuses we use. I want to help you, to empower you, and show you that those excuses are your Everest. You can climb it. You can conquer it. Not all in one day, but in small progressive steps that endure. I will meet you where you are and together we will make progress. 

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