Opportunity & Hope

"The way to begin is to quit talking and begin doing." - Walt Disney

So. that's what we'll do. But everything will be customized just for you!
From your nutrition plan to your workouts, it fits you and your lifestyle... where you are now and the places you'll go!

30 Day Challenge

The first Monday of each month, the challenge group kicks off! We get sweaty, we get real, and we get serious results!

These 30 day groups are the prime way to jump start your goals and start to see the changes that you want. 

What are the Perks?
*Daily personal coaching
*Daily accountability checkins
*Nutritional support
*Meal replacement shake (the only one like it on the market!)
*TOP SECRET motivational support group
*Workout Plan 
*All from the comfort of your own home
*Healthy recipes and swaps
*Fabulous new friends in fitness
And those are just SOME Of the benefits!!!
7 Sneak Peaks

Still not sure that you're ready to commit? That's cool. I get it. Change is hard and scary.

I offer free 7 day sneak peaks so you can get a taste of how coaching and accountability get results. 

We focus on nutrition, fitness, and wellness. It's the total package. It's empowering you to begin your journey to being the best version of you!

Don't believe me? Join me! Even my 7 dayers see results! 

These groups start the 3nd Monday of every month. 
The Fit Chicks

Join The Fit Chicks group and receive unlimited FREE Coaching! 

The only requirement is that you complete 1 (yep, just 1)  30 day challenge group! That's it! 

Then you have access to discounted 30 day challenges, unlimited FREE challenges, daily motivation & support, fabulous friends in fitness, events, recipes, and SO MUCH MORE! 
Your journey starts here...
The Chick will be in touch within 24 hours to get you started on the path to fitness & empowerment